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GOFAEX LDA, is a natural consequence of the vast experience of it’s administrator.
In 1975, we iniciated a corse with various representation of big European groups in Portugal, strongly advocating their interest for several decades.
For it’s success and excellent performance, in 1985, GOFAEX LDA, was asked by a few Portuguese companies to jointly create  a business group aiming to represent several international brands in portugal, where alongside now keeps a place for it’s own brand.


Thanks to the dedication and confidence of all representants, since 1987, GOFAEX – Representações e Comércio de Calçados, LDA. Have a well succeed activity with great experience making the brand acknoledge in several markets.

From the design to the feet – From it’s own design and creation to the own development of collections using all kinds of materials – and representing several brands of footwear worldwide.

Now we explore a more specific market, specially dedicating our work to each woman, aiming to provide to them the best comfort, care and attention in the form of a simple shoe. Our mission is to be on the feet and on the mind of every independent woman full of style and to be present in the best moments and achievements of our clients. We want to consolidate in the market as a brand that serves every woman and all of the styles and celebrate all of the differences that make each woman unique.

With a diferentiated proposal of personal service we aim to be one more friend that you can count to help with your style.

Thank you for being with us.

Team Gofaex.